Safety First

O’Richinal Concepts will be successful because we have a “safety first” process with a strong focus on profitability and being current in standards and practice of regulations and scope.

In order to provide top quality services, O'Richinal Concepts understands that it will require flexibility, in-thought process, and execution.

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O'Richinal's Motivation

Rich is the proud father of a wonderful daughter, whom he raised as a single father and a darling grandson. His motivation for entrepreneurship in forming O'Richinal Concepts stems from his desire for a better tomorrow for his loved ones and community. Rich’s additional background in mental health helps him to understand the importance of having an advocate and being an advocate.


Issaquah School District and Cornerstone GCI

Current Project
  • Project IMS6 – Partnership with Issaquah School District and Cornerstone GCI to build a new middle school

  • Issaquah School District, $74 Million Dollar Project – Cornerstone GCI (since November 2020)




SR 524, Lynnwood Roundabouts


Anacortes Ferry Terminal


Stanwood High School

Additional Training Programs

O'Richinal Concepts understands that attitude and temperament are important to be able to fully understand the training and being able to execute the processes in their training.

With that in mind, O'Richinal Concepts has created a truly unique, but current and necessary, training course titled “Safety Mental”. This course gives the trainees mental tools to deal with the pressures that come with the industry.

For some trainees, that may include drafting a crisis plan, or other O’Richinal concepts to help clear barriers to quality employment and stability.

O'Richinal Concepts also has a training course, taught by Richard Harris for Fathers. This course is dedicated to having fathers not only pay the bills, but balance home and work life, be present, caring, compassionate, and understanding leaders of their families.

Words from our Clients

“Rich Harris who is the owner of O’Richinal Concepts Traffic Control & Consulting has been providing Flagging services on one of our projects currently. What I most appreciate about Rich is his incredible follow-through with his commitments. Safety is this company’s number #1 priority. There have been no incidents requiring our attention. Rich has been early to arrive on the jobsites to make sure his crew is handling everything well and he has been late to leave making sure we are satisfied with his company’s services. Rich has also been pursuing how he can grow his company taking advantage of professional development to learn more about how he can constantly evaluate his business practices for opportunities to grow. He is dedicated to making his business the best in the industry.”